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  • 5 pieces of stackable working trays and automatically separate the casting and worms

  • Great air circulation and high efficiency

  • small footprint, odorless (or minimum odor) and can be used in door

  • Low maintenance and easy to use

  • 3 years warranty

    Model: G900203-DG

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The stackable VermiHut worm compost bin allows food scrap to be fed into the bottom tray with compost worms and bedding. As the worms finish digesting, they will migrate upward into the tray above, leaving rich castings behind. Therefore, the VermiHut worm compost bin can automatically separate worms and worm castings to save hassle during worm casting harvest. The stacking tray feature allows users to add up to seven trays to meet their growing compost demands. The unit is very ease to assemble. The system is odorless (or minimum odor) and can be used in door; the doomed shape lid design allows it outdoor use. This lid is designed to ventilate air and moisture so that the worm bed is comfortable for worms. The special corner design reinforces the strength of the products and also allows better air circulation. The lid universally fits into the existing trays in the worm composter market. Out of all kinds of worm composters in the market, the VermiHut is the most efficient, producing the most compost at the least foot-print.
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