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  • Odor Free - A thick activated charcoal filter absorbs and traps odors inside the canister leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean (4 filters included)

  • 4 FREE Odor-Neutralizing Filters Included (enough for up to 12 Months Composting); Replacement Filters ASIN B01FKOBQNA

  • Rust & Stain Resistant - Built to last, this bin is constructed of High-Grade Stainless Steel and backed by LINKYOs rock-solid, hassle-free 100% Quality Guarantee

  • No More Daily Trips to the Outdoor Compost Pile! Fits on the counter, under the sink or in the pantry, and can easily hold several days worth of organic waste

  • Stylish and Discreet - Your guests wont even notice it! The streamlined design looks great in your kitchen while blending in with the other things on the counter

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Living green is easy with the LINKYO Stainless Steel Indoor Compost Bin! This is the ideal solution for collecting and keeping kitchen scraps - indoors and odor free - before you transfer them outside to recycle and compost into organic, nutrient-rich fertilizer that keeps your garden healthy and beautifully lush. Why would you settle for an ugly, smelly plastic recycling container? Youll find no reason to hide our attractive, classically designed pail, and the stainless steel construction will not harbor bacteria or leach unhealthy chemicals (which are risks with plastic and other materials).

* ODOR-FREE - A thick activated charcoal filter absorbs and traps odors inside the bin leaving your kitchen fresh and clean. (4 filters are included, absolutely free) Furthermore, unlike plastic, the stainless steel canister walls do not retain smells - simply wash them away with soapy water.

* COMPACT SIZE - Fits easily on a countertop, under the sink, in the pantry - wherever it is most convenient for you to quickly dump your table scraps.

* CONVENIENT - Stores several days worth of organic waste. The sturdy rotating handle makes it simple to transfer scraps to your outside compost pile.

* DURABLE and SAFE - Constructed of High Grade 430 Stainless Steel that will not rust, stain, scratch, chip or retain odors.

* CLEAN-UP IS A SNAP - Just remove the filter and pop the bin into the dishwasher.
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